In De Mar a Mar, Sendebar creates a sonic image of music at the court of Alfonso the Wise in the late 13 th century...Drawing on scholarship indicating that Medieval Iberian musical practices may still survive in traditional Iberian, Latin American an North African Music, Sendebar uses aspects of these repertoires to create compelling performances, with North African traditions most prominent... Most tempos suggest dance pieces, and the liberal application of percussion exaggerates that feel. The occasional slower, more contemplative introductions for solo and duet are a welcome contrast to the livelier main events that follow…the recording is attractive and alluring.

– Deborah Lawrence, Early Music America, Fall 2007

A recital full of oxygen, with a mix repertoire comprised of music from the Llibre Vermell de Montserrat and a collection of Cantigas de Santa María magnificently served by the ensemble Sendebar and its director Mauricio Molina.

– Bernat Dedéu. Vivir en Nueva York, June 12, 2006

Sendebar. Música medieval en bones mans (Medievel music in good hands). listen (in catalan)

– Xavier Chavarria, Contrapunts, Catalunya Radio, 03-13-2009