Here are some interesting sites about medieval and mediterranean music and culture, specialized instrument makers, and libraries.


Medieval and Renaissance Instruments
This is Musica Antiqua's illustrated guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments.

Historic Percussion

Thorsten's Bagpipe Pages
About traditional Western European pipes.

Galician Bagpipes

The Recorder Homepage
Indexes pages about the recorder including articles, technique, source material, makers, composers, music, retailers, players, recordings, MIDI files, education, software, societies.

The Crumhorn Homepage
Presents information about the crumhorn. Includes history, reconstructions, making your own, music, MIDI files, accessories, references.

Launeddas Associazione Culturale Sonus de Canna
About launeddas, the ancient musical instrument of Sardinia.


The Cantigas de Santa Maria
Facsimiles, illuminations, and related links.

Indices of chants in selected manuscripts and early printed sources of the liturgical Office.

Medieval studies scholarly resources compiled and organized from around the world.

Medieval Studies

Hispanic Translation History, 13th Century
The translation activity in medieval Spain.

Influencia oriental
Eastern influence on Medieval Spain.

Early Music

Polyphony: Historical Performance in NYC
An up-to-date listing of concerts along with biographies of musicians and other information concerning the Early Music community.