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Sendebar offers educational programs for both children and adults. For adults, we can provide pre-concert lectures that enhance the understanding and enjoyment of Sendebar's performances.

Children and family programs are designed to introduce them to the multicultural palette of European Medieval music. The different programs acquaint the audience with a wide range of Medieval musical instruments, musical notation, and what it takes to revive the music of the past. Sendebar is available to perform programs in school assemblies or events for children, or to be guest presenters for classes studying medieval history. Please contact us to use one of our existing programs or to customize one for your curriculum.

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Participating Schools and
Events for Children

Cathedral School of St. John the Divine
C.E.S. 135
Ella Baker School
Little Red Schoolhouse
P.S. 72
P.S. 119
Metropolitan Museum of Art Educational Program
Music Festival of the Hamptons


The lectures are presented by Sendebar's artistic director Mauricio Molina, who holds a Ph.D. in historical musicology and Medieval studies at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Music of the Three Cultures
A half-hour lecture that explores the interaction of the three cultures that inhabited the Iberian peninsula during the Middle Ages — Christian, Muslims and Jews — and their contributions to the creation of the extant Medieval Iberian repertory.

The Sound of the Middle Ages
A presentation and comprehensive approach to the musical instruments that were used in Medieval Mediterranean music and their survival in the oral traditions of the region. Ideas such as the aesthetic of sound and timbre preferences will be discussed.

The Square Drum as a Semitic and Messianic Symbol in Medieval Spanish Iconography
An exploration of the different meanings of the square drum in Medieval Spanish iconography depending on the context of its representation.

The World of the Medieval and Mediterranean Bagpipes
(Presented by Francesc Sans i Bonet) A lecture on the development of the bagpipe in the Mediterranean through the Middle Ages into modern times. Different instruments will be demonstrated and with the compliment of musical iconography.

The Adventures of TalyessinChildren's Programs

The Adventures Of Talyessin
The performance comprises a mixture of storytelling and live music. Each of six acts introduces a new character (hermit, princess, minstrel, king) who interacts with Talyessin (storyteller) by using silent gestures, and by singing and playing an array of musical instruments.

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Christmas Music from Medieval Spain and Colonial Latin America
This program, originally designed for the Spanish educational program at the Metropolitan Museum, focuses on music with Spanish texts, composed during the Middle Ages in Spain and Latin America during colonial times for the celebration of the Christmas season. The program not only shows the influence of Medieval music in Colonial Latin American repertory, but also demonstrates a strong North African and Mediterranean influence in that repertory as well, making a connection of the unbroken musical tradition of the Mediterranean that continued in American soil.